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Of the third of us wait, and Narita is fair

"Our I wait Narita fair" to discover secret charm in the Narita city.
The rice cake which is the special product of the Narita city Shimousa district is had this time, and it is done, and the tasting party of the recipe using a delicious "lotus root" with the tenacity is performed.
In addition, the performance of "the noh dance of Nishiosuka" that is Narita city designated immaterial folk Cultural properties and the real thing display of the lotus root, display of "the Shimousa High School Motor Vehicles Department" which won the championship at Soichiro Honda cup Honda Eco mileage challenge 2017 37th national convention, contact time with "a growl" of the mascot ® Grand Prix 2017 first place can be enjoyed.

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The sale date and time

From Sunday, January 14, 2018 10:30 a.m.

Venue Shimousa public hall, Shimousa motion park (※ Parking has a limit to a number.)
  • It is tried a 使 ったつみれ stew and salad, the rolling thickly Sushi with the lotus roots of the special product of the Shimousa district
  • Farm output product spot sale society
  • Display of the performance lotus root real thing of the noh dance of Nishiosuka
  • Display of the Shimousa High School Motor Vehicles Department
  • Contact time with a growl

※The Events contents may be changed.

Target person Working, person (less than primary schoolchild are accompanied by a protector) of the attendance at school resident in the city
The capacity number of people 150 (a first-come-first-served basis, application is necessary beforehand.)
Participation expense 500 yen per person. Less than primary schoolchild are free.
Application method Apply by a telephone or an E-mail by Thursday, January 4, 2018.
Application Narita City Tourism promotion section
A telephone: 0476-20-1540
An E-mail:
※You "wait of us, and the title is filled in with a Narita fair participation application", and please list an address (other than the citizen's one in the commuting, attending school), a full name, a phone number, the number of people desired.
Reference Narita City Tourism promotion section Osuka, Aida
A telephone: 0476-20-1540
An E-mail:



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